angelwithnewwings inquired:
"Do you still think he's alive?"


"Who? Metalicana? Yeah, but it’s not like I care if he’s dead or alive."

"You’re lying, your heartbeat increased when you replied. It’s ok I don’t care if you lie or not."


Lyon’s expression was a mixture of endearment and irritation. He decided to put aside the slight bitterness for a moment and smiled. ”Of course I did.” 


”You know it’s never easy to lose a friend.” Standing up, Lyon put his hand on Shadow’s shoulder. ”Hey, I’m sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to. But let’s put that all in the past, okay?” Anticipation filled Lyon. Hearing an answer from Shadow was the most important thing on his mind right then.


"You’re correct the past is the past, as is my old self. I though I could become stronger by accepting the earth into my body, but rather I was consumed and this…Is the new me." He responded as he stood up looking lyon in the eyes he would lift up his hood as the two finally met face to face for the first time.


"Surprise Surprise! You found me Lyon! Now it’s time for your reward!" He announced as he embraced his friend tightly wrapping his arms around him. "It’s been so so so! Long! I’ve missed you!" the cold demeanor the boy had before was quickly replaced by this new cheerful sporadic behavior. 

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"Where is everyone, aren’t we gonna celebrate my birthday as friends together and have cake, and ice cream and laugh?" 

"Guess what everyone! Today is my birthday! Yep I’m turning older today! Hooray! Hooray!" he smiled jumping around in joy for the day that had finally arrived. 

“The food looks wonderful ! But isn’t it abit out of season!?”

(☽)~ “A mission? I mean you really want me to tag along, I don’t want to be a bother. I don’t I don’t!”  As he turned to think about the proposal images would flash in the boy’s head, screaming, crying. and the constant hurtful words he was called last time he took a mission. After what happened he stopped doing missions from fear of hurting others. “I …I don’t know…”  

Sitting down at the Fairy tail Guild’s second story the mage sat alone in one of the corners away from the madness, alone by himself the boy had decided he would do something productive, He would read.Looking at the Title The book was called ,” Memories are the Key.” Found interested the book was apparently about A boy with no memories trying to remember them. 

"Sometimes it’s better to just left memories forgotten rather then have to many.." 

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(☽)~ “Yeah…you’ll forget about me…Everyone does sooner of later…”

(☽)~ “But don’t be sad, We just won’t say goodbye!”

(☽)~ “Cause if you don’t say goodbye then your not really gone, you just not there right now!:” 

    I…what…I won’t be spoken to like that! Alcohol is a beverage which turn even the sincerest gentleman into a scoundrel! And apart from that, you’re too young to drink this kind of beverage! And yes, you will go to bed!” Giving an exasperated snort, he took few steps forward and took the drink from the boy one more time before grabbing his arm and tugging him with him. “There is no way you will drink more!”


(☽)~ “No I fu..Fuc..I won’t!”He said trying to get loose although there was no chance of his escape when freed had such a tight grip on the drunk mage. “This beer is the best..thing Freed you piece of sh..shi…asshole.” The boy said falling back the boy couldn’t take it anymore shutting down the boy would passed out before he completely fell back.

Song: Mirai SKETCH!
Artist: Ultra Rare (Aimi Terakawa, Suzuko Mimori, Yoshino Nanjou)
Album: EndlessFighter